About The Company

Lumptrade is a modern digital currency platform with a full auto payment system launched by a powerful group of international trade companies in the field of investment and exchange of funds.

By performing a wide range of operations, Lumptrade makes a profit from different diversified sources: trading operations on the cryptocurrency and currency markets, dividends from the implementation of successful startups, and commissions for exchange operations for large legal entities.

By joining the Mentoring Programme you will become an Institute Trader and be Mentored for 3 Months by one of the Institutes Senior Trading Mentors.

About Us Mentorship Seminar

Why Choose Lumptrade

We’ve made trading simple and easy, so you can trade endlessly and hassle-free.

Instant Trading

Lumptrade offers fast and responsive real time trading, with modern platform and plugins to help make your trading easier!

Riskfree Trade

Lumptrade allows riskfree trades with free risk management system.

Safe and Secure

has the latest encrytion and data protection technologies in the business, keeping your account safe and secure.

Trading experts

With expert trader available as trade mentors to account holders, we help you manage your capital for trade and reduce total loss..

Covered By Insurance

All our plans are insurance covered with 3 days capital return policy of your capital, While you continue to earn daily profit for the remaining trading period .

Audited in real time

Our investment plans operate under a transparency. All operations are audited in real time by Blockchain and its monitoring resources.

Lumptrade Mentorship

Learn the deep secrets of trading and crypto currency mining.

Lumptrade Seminar
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Our Plans

Investment plans are the result of years of experience in the financial markets and international trading.