Our Certificate

Company Certificate

Lumptrade Program Certificate.

On the basis of the “Application for registration as a private company” (document number: 1EBI48572), LUMP INVESTMENTS PTY LTD (hereinafter LUMP) is officially registered in Australia by the appropriate agency "Australian Securities & Investments Commission" (hereinafter ASIC), which has the authority to do so.

The Australian Company Number (ACN) of LUMP is 638 548 142. Company type: Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares. The company's headquarters are located at MELBOURNE VIC 3000. As required by the ASIC, all company officials must understand their legal obligations under the Corporations Act 2001. This includes maintaining accurate financial records, making decisions on solvency, and keeping company information up to date.

Our key duties include:

being honest and careful in all our dealings;
understanding what our company is doing;
making sure our company can pay its debts on time;
ensuring our company keeps proper financial records;
acting in the company's best interests, even if this conflicts with our personal interests;
using any information only for the good of the company. Using information to gain an unfair advantage for ourselves or others could be a crime;

More information about the organization can be purchased from ASIC.