Discount Deals

Get full access to Lumptrade discount deals

All Our clients receive full access to the Lumptrade discount deals for a personalized bonus on high-volume & low-volume trades.

The discount associated with our discount deals can apply to individual trade or an entire months deposits.

One of the advantages of our discount deals is that they work well with both new and returning investors.

For advanced traders, we offer exclusive additional hyper-personalized daily or monthly discount deals.

How It Works

When a customer makes a trade during the checkout process, our discount deal system confirms that all conditions of the promotion are satisfied before validation.

If the discount deal offers 20 percent off deposit of $200 or more, for instance, the discount will not work if the minimum threshold hasn't been met.

NOTE: Some dicounts are also tailored to work only on certain days of the week or investment plan.

Earning Multiple Discount

Yes, you can multple discount in a day depending on the deal.

What are the different types of Discount Deals?

1. Public Discount

Anyone can use a public discount deals, they work well with both new and returning investors.

2. Private Discount

Private discount target a specific group of people, such as first-time investors.

3. Personalized Discount

A Discount Deal that is restricted is targeted to a single user and can only be used once.

Then take advantage of our daily and weekly discount deals to boost your ROI for every deposit you make.

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