Lumptrade company was founded in 2013, after which it began its stable development. On Jan 17, 2020, the company started accepting investments from private investors.

LUMP INVESTMENTS PTY LTD operates legally and was officially registered on Jan 17, 2020, in Australia. The company's registration number is 638548142

The international company LUMP INVESTMENTS PTY LTD conducts its activities in several promising areas, due to which effective diversification of funds is achieved.
The key areas of earning are operations in the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets, which allow you to receive high percentages of profitability.
Along with this, we perform profitable exchange transactions, as well as participate in venture capital investments (ICO, IPO, investment in startups, financing projects at the early stages of their development).

We ensure complete security of clients' funds and carry out transactions through reliable exchanges and trusted brokers.
This allows you to completely eliminate non-trading risks, but it is important to understand that working in volatile markets and financing projects at an early stage is a highly profitable and risky method of earning money.
As professionals in our field, we effectively diversify funds in various areas and select only promising investment instruments in order to balance the degree of profitability and risks as much as possible.
An additional measure to protect your funds is their storage in cold wallets. All these measures help to reduce existing risks, but do not completely eliminate them - read more about the risks in the user agreement.

The finance department is open from Monday to Sunday. We also make interests and payments to investors on weekends. Answers to requests sent to official email may take up to 24 hours on weekdays and up to 48 hours on weekends.

If you have not found an answer to your question, we recommend that you contact the support service directly on the company's website or email at talk2us@lumptrade.com Our technical consultants can help you find the information you need.

Yes, we accept customers from any place in the world without exception.

We place great emphasis on the safety of our members, and you don't need to worry about account security. Each account has individual protection against hacking and password guessing: after 3 wrong login attempts your account will be locked.

Unlocking is possible only through your email address. We recommend using "Security Settings" as additional protection for your account.

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At first please use the "Password Recovery" option, and then log in to your account and change your password immediately.
If this won't be enough, please contact us via " Client Helpdesk " or by " Email Form " and provide your account details in full with your secret question and answer.

Please contact us only from the email address you have used for registration.
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