Our History

Company History

Lumptrade starts its history in 2013 with the birth of a small company that was founded by enthusiasts in the field of currency trading.

Trading in the Forex market at this time became particularly popular, and many investors turned their attention to the sphere of free currency trading.

Developing their own strategies for making transactions, the company's founders soon managed to achieve their first success.

By improving their knowledge and skills, by 2015 they managed not only to achieve a stable result of profitability, but also there was a need to expand the staff and increase the volume of transactions.

This allowed the company to consolidate in the market, increase liquidity turnover and yield percentages.

Successful trading and active development of the company declined in 2016, when the productivity of operations on the stock exchange began to decline.

This prompted Lumptrade directors to look for new sources of profit. The best specialists of the company, resources and efforts were thrown on the search of new areas for earnings, and, in the result of a big analytical work, it was decided to start working with more profitable, though risky, areas.

From this moment, the cryptocurrency trading department starts its work. This was a very successful decision, which allowed us to master the promising market before the peak increase in prices for cryptocurrency.

Working in a new field, our specialists are beginning to develop new strategies and trading principles that allow us to earn huge percentages of profit for a transaction that is not typical for other markets.

In 2017, the maximum concentration is on working with cryptocurrency operations. During this period the cryptocurrency market is experiencing peak growth, which allows even investors and traders with minimal experience to become millionaires.

The profitability of Lumptrade has increased dramatically. Thanks to it we opened new offices, purchased mining equipment, and hired qualified personnel.

Throughout its development, Lumptrade keeps up with the times and takes into account current trends in technology and economics. Therefore, even after reaching a new level and achieving significant results, the company's specialists continue to work on finding new and profitable sources of income.

In 2018, these were ICO and IEO. Such investment is a more risky one, but, if the project is successfully implemented, it can bring very high percentages of profit.

Today, we can proudly say that we not only have a good reputation in the ICO market, but also have developed the necessary connections that allow us to participate in private and seed rounds of promising projects and earn on more favorable terms.

Direct communication with the founders and main developers of projects allows us to be well-oriented in this area and choose the most interesting projects in terms of profitability and risks.

Today, in 2020, Lumptrade faces new tasks, which are dictated by a high level of competition and the need for globalization and further development of the company.

That is why it was decided to attract investments from individuals and legal entities in order to increase the company's liquidity required to expand its activities and increase the number of operations carried out.