How it works

How It Works

Below you will find out in detail about each stage. We draw your attention to the fact that the current scheme is for informational purposes and only reveals some of the main processes taking place in the company.

1. Registration

A client Interested in cooperation registers on the website and opens a deposit, adding funds to the Lumptrade operational bank. This allows him to get a high percentage of passive profit without any specific knowledge and skills.

2. Funds distribution

Specialists of the company's finance department distribute funds received from investors in various directions, in accordance with the need for liquidity from the exchange, trade, and investment departments.

The distribution of finance takes place in different proportions, depending on the degree of risk of a particular direction and current market conditions.

3. Deals

After conducting a thorough analysis of the investment instrument and doing a lot of work to find the actual asset, the specialists of each department, as well as the trading bots available in the company, carry out transactions with a high potential for profit.

This ensures a stable profit both for investing in long-term projects and on short distances with more attractive assets.

4. Profit distribution

Derived from the activities of the company profits are distributed in several directions.

The largest percentage of funds goes to the Lumptrade working capital pool, the rest of the money forms an insurance fund, which is stored in cold wallets.

This eliminates the risk of theft of funds and is an important safety pad in the event of unsuccessful transactions and drawdowns.

4. Paying dividends

After the distribution of the received profit, money is allocated from the company's working capital to pay dividends to Lumptrade investors.

In addition, partner rewards, and bonuses are paid.

Due to the existence of the stabilization fund, the company's clients always get a profit, regardless of the success of Lumptrade transactions in the current period.

4. Capital and salaries

The company uses a part of its working capital to develop and pay salaries for its employees.

This money allows us to expand the network of offices, carry out logistics, contribute to the conclusion of profitable contracts, and promote Lumptrade on the international market.

All these actions are carried out consistently, and our clients can watch the development of Lumptrade in the news section of this site.

5. Affiliate Program

The company uses shortlink program to generate profit and pay its affiliate & partners.

Using shortlinks allows us to expand and maintain consistent daily payout to affiliate program partners.