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Jason Mack Donald

Senior Trading Mentor

About Mack Donald

Mack Donald enjoyed a successful seventeen year career as a Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager and Proprietary Trader.

After graduating with a degree in Philosophy Politics and Economics (PPE) from Magdalen College Oxford University in 1992, Mack Donald was hired by BZW and went from initially being a research analyst within the Japanese warrants business to managing a $500mln Pan European Equities Proprietary trading book.

After building a successful track record, Mack Donald then went to work for CSFB’s internal Hedge Fund Modal Capital with a global mandate. Mack Donald then went on to set-up and run the special situation risk arbitrage fund for the MAKO Volatility Hedge Fund.

At the peak of his career Mack Donald became one of the largest Proprietary Traders on the Investment Bank side of the industry.

Mack Donald then managed $250mln global long / short portfolios at both Lehman Brothers and Toronto Dominion (TD) Bank before retiring in 2009.

In retirement Mack Donald has been contracted on multiple occasions in Corporate Advisory roles across a multitude of industries including Oil and Gas, Mining, Port Infrastructure, Financial Services and Aviation, helping companies’ structure capital optimally for next stage growth.

Mack Donald joined the lumptrade Institute in 2013 as a Senior Trading Mentor. Mack Donald’s role at the Lumptrade Institute involves mentoring Lumptrade Traders on the official Mentoring Programme / Seminar after students have graduated from completing the Lumptrade Professional Trading Masterclass (LPTM) and Lumptrade Professional FOREX Trading (PFTM) Video Series.

Mack Donald helps Lumptrade Institute Traders to realise their objectives in becoming consistently profitable long-term and to build their track records.

Mack Donald also helps manage the Institute’s global portfolio in allocating capital to profitable students/traders.

Trader Mentoring by Jason Mack Donald – 3 Months Programmes

There are only a few spaces made available for the 3 month Lumptrade Mentoring Programmes per month and programmes must be scheduled at least one month in advance.

In order to apply click the link below, follow our monthly trading condition and you will be eligible to attend.

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