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What is Lumptrade Institute Traders Mentoring ?

By joining Programme you will become our Institute Trader and be Mentored for 3 Months by one of the Institutes Senior Trading Mentors when you meet our institute's trading condition.

Each Senior Trading Mentor at the Lumptrade Institute is available to provide 3 Month Trader Mentoring Programmes with a 4-6 week waiting list. Lumptrade Mentoring Programmes are completed remotely via pre-scheduled telephone calls and screen sharing software and exhibit zero conflict of interest. Our incentives are aligned.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level trader, you can expect to receive a much more Professional level of trading education from the Institute than you have previously experienced.

Who are the Institute Mentors?

Lumptrade Trading Institute Trading Mentors are Professional Traders that have been selected to join the Institute as Senior Trading Mentors because of their proven Track Records, incredibly successful careers and because their approach to the financial markets overlaps considerably with the Institutes approach and the way we teach our students.

Senior Trading Mentors are also chosen because of their ability to communicate complex trading strategies in simple and universally understandable language and their ability to teach both beginner and advanced traders to implement the Institutes educational programmes effectively.

Top Trade Mentors

Lumptrade Mentorship Seminars

We hold regular Live webinars and Live in person seminars at Lumptrade Trading Institute center, so you can understand our approach to trading the Financial Markets.

The main purpose of the Live webinars and Live in person seminars is to help you implement what you have learnt in the Lumtrade mentorship Video Series and the Lumptrade Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass Video Series with real money in the financial markets.

Benefits of Lumptrade Mentorship Seminars

  • You will receive access to the Professional Trading Masterclass Videos and access to the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass Video Series.
  • You will be trading with real money provided by Lumptrade Trading Institute in live markets, implementing the teachings of the Institute and be guided by your Mentors.
  • You can implement what you have learnt in the Lumptrade Trading Institute and with real money elsewhere using any good brokerage platform in the world. We do not mind you doing this.

How to Join our Institute Mentorship Seminar

if you want to join our highly educated global community of traders and have access to the Lumptrade Institutes community you must become our Institute Trader by opening your trading account with one of the Institutes Trading plan so we can see everything you are doing on a read only basis and manage your track record for you.

Please Note: We require dedicated students that are willing to learn and put in the time necessary to succeed in the Financial Markets.

The minimum deposit requirement to become an Institute Trader in this instance is $20,000 USD. After your deposit is confirmed you will be contacted by your trade mentor to help process booking and accommodation for the next upcoming Webnair / Seminar.


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