User Agreement

Lumptrade cooperates with private investors and partners through an Internet resource with a domain name Lumptrade.com The specifics of interaction with the company's clients are described in detail in these rules, which we strongly recommend to read before starting cooperation under the terms of the investment and partner program.

1. General Rules

1.1. By registering on an investment website belonging to Lumptrade, you confirm that you have read the rules described in this agreement, understand their essence and agree to follow them.

1.2. You can express your disagreement with the rules in this document by refusing to register.

1.3. The company is officially registered in the jurisdiction of Australia, and its follows the laws of this state. Under Australian law, an adult is a person who has reached the age of 18. By registering on the site, you confirm that you are of legal age.

1.4. In the process of work, these rules can be partially or completely changed. All changes enter into force from the moment they are published.

1.5. The company is not responsible for notifying users about any changes to the user agreement.

1.6. Every year employees of the company go on vacation from December 24 to January 10. During this period, trading activity is reduced, so it is chosen as the optimal time for a break in work.

2. Privacy Policy

2.1. The user agrees to provide during registration and in the process of cooperation only true information.

2.2. In case of any changes in personal data, the client undertakes to provide the company up-to-date information about himself.

2.3. The company undertakes to store, process and use customer information in accordance with all security standards and to prevent third parties from receiving this information. The company also undertakes not to transfer or sell personal information about customers in the absence of a court decision.

2.4. The company undertakes to implement a number of measures to protect clients ' personal accounts from unauthorized access. At the same time, Lumptrade is not responsible for access to the client's account by third parties due to the client's own fault.

3. Limitation of Liability

3.1. The user is aware and understands that the company, represented by its directors, is not responsible for any losses, expenses or consequences of missed opportunities that arose as a result of the client making any decisions based on the information provided on the site.

3.2. The company's directors do not carry out any consultations, trade recommendations, or provide users strategies and algorithms for earning money.

3.3. The company is not responsible for the client's failure to receive information about any changes, news, promotions and other opportunities, if the user provided incorrect contact information during registration and cooperation.

4. The Responsibility of the User

4.1. The user undertakes not to distribute information about the company and its promotion through mass spam mailings which will negatively affect the reputation of Lumptrade. The client also undertakes not to advertise his referral link by this way.

4.2. Customers may not use the information provided on the company website, its functionality and brand for commercial purposes, unless authorized by the main directions of cooperation between the company and the client.

4.3. Users undertake not to carry out malicious activities that may have a negative impact on the operation of the investment resource, or disable it. In addition, the company's clients are obliged to create a positive image of Lumptrade, not to have a negative impact on the company's reputation, and not to mislead potential investors and partners about the fund's financial stability.

4.4. About identification of any errors or vulnerabilities in the operation of the site, the user undertakes to inform the technical support service and not use it for disrupting the company's work or for personal benefit.

4.5. The company reserves the right to block the accounts of clients who attempt to hack an investment resource or attempt to get access to the accounts of other users.

4.6. Users are obliged to contact the technical support service of the resource in the correct form, not to use offensive or obscene language in their requests.

5. Risks

5.1. By starting cooperation with the company, the user confirms that he understands the existing risks and assumes full responsibility for the occurrence of negative consequences in the result of making his decisions. In addition, the user is responsible for the loss of possible profit in the result of his actions or omissions.

5.2. The client who has registered on the site and made an investment understands that Lumptrade operates in volatile markets and works with assets that can change price rapidly. As a result, operations performed by the company's specialists can have both a positive and negative impact on the investor's invested funds.

5.3. The company is not responsible for the loss of profit due to the blocking of the user's account and the freezing of funds, which were carried out as a result of the violation of the rules.

5.4. The company is not responsible for account blocking that occurred as a result of the client providing false personal data during registration and cooperation with the investment platform.

5.5. The company has the right to close the user's active deposit without giving a reason, but with subsequent full payment, without any penalties.

5.6. The User assumes responsibility for the consequences of obtaining access to his account by third parties in cases when he has chosen a password that is too simple for the account. In addition, only the client is responsible for the security of login data and access to it by third parties.

6. Force Majeure

6.1. The company is not responsible for the lack of access to its website, non-payment of dividends, or negative profitability from the operating activities of Lumptrade specialists, if this is due to force majeure. Such circumstances include military conflicts, natural disasters, terrorist acts, catastrophes, changes in the political regime, etc.

6.2. The company undertakes to inform its customers of the occurrence of force majeure.

6.3. The company is not responsible for the client's failure to receive information about a force majeure situation, if the user showed an incorrect or invalid email address during registration.

6.4. In the case of a force majeure situation, the company's specialists will implement all measures that depend on them to stabilize the situation. At the same time, the company does not undertake to notify clients of its actions and stabilization strategies.

You can send your questions and suggestions regarding these terms of the user agreement to the company's management via the feedback form or by sending an email talk2us@lumptrade.com.